Get ‘er done

As a child I was often told I was a procrastinator, and looking back, I likely was. I never did homework, and left studying for exams til the 11th hour. I am quite the opposite of that now…. at least for MOST things. I pack/plan ahead for trips well in advance – shop for birthdays/Christmas ahead of time – I’m a serious planner. When I was working in bookkeeping & administration I always completed monthly/weekly tasks at the first available opportunity, as far in advance as possible – leaving room for the unexpected. I had this little sign on my desk that read: “Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part”.. and that’s how I felt. A bit hard-nosed, I know. Working with adult procrastinators now tends to raise my blood pressure. I think to myself.. why are you shelving that? Why are you keeping that on your desk “for later”.. get it done, file it, put it away. Why are you coming to me with this NOW when you knew about this weeks ago?

With my schoolwork so far, i’ve been no different.. the minute I received my syllabus for this course, I bought all the books, and started a week early on my reading and writing. I’m glad I did, because i was able to take a few days off around my birthday when it would have been the busiest time (submissions, scheduled zoom class).. but at the same time, there was a more important reason.. my friend Joanne died that week, and I would not have been able to concentrate had I left my assigned work to that week.

There’s 3 reasons in the above paragraph to “get er done“.

A) get the mess off your desk so you can function better. (clutter out of your life/brain)

B) to leave time for rest & celebrations after/in between the next rush

C) to leave time for the unexpected. Always expect the unexpected.

In the realm of “Get ‘er done”… On my birthday one year ago, a nurse from my GP’s office called me set up screening for colon cancer and breast cancer. in other words…“Happy 50th Birthday, you’re old now.. time to do some gross and painful stuff!” queue the falling balloons and kazoos. I know the nurse personally and joked with her.. “um, girl.. you really know how to dampen a birthday!” I chose not to book anything then. Fast forward to 11 months later, and my new friend is dying from both colon and breast cancer. No family history. It was time for me to ‘get ‘er done’, and I promised her.. in her honour to do it. So i did the gross poop scoop and mailed it off. Got the letter back in the mail a week later saying i’m clear.

Check #1 !

I then booked the mammogram for a few days before my 51st birthday.. I thought.. ok, i’m doing it still this year.. not too bad…. but wouldn’t you know it they called me from the hospital, the machine was down, and they’d call me to reschedule. Fast forward to today, and I met my torturer. Meet Philips.

I have to say, it wasn’t as bad as I had built it up to be in my mind. The tech was great, very kind and personable, and as gentle as possible. This is me saying to you… Get ‘er done. Don’t put it off. Demystify it. I have several friends with no family history or even considered “high risk” that have battled breast cancer – and now I just lost one. So now I await the results – but am glad that I did it. Check #2 off my list.

and now… #3 – the 3rd book for this semester that I have been procrastinating getting into this week, because I know it’s gonna be uncomfortable, it’s might stink like my colon cancer test, or squish and squeeze me uncomfortably like Philips did this morning.

.. ’cause i know i have some anger issues. I know this book is gonna make me sweat, and not just because I’m #awomanofacertainage now. (I have a friend who calls us AWOACA – i love that)

So.. i need to close this short blogpost off and … get ‘er done.

BUT.. before i do.. nothing from the kitchen front today, or the garden.. but I learned something cool about Amaryllis bulbs the other day that I’m experimenting with to find out if it works. As soon as (or just before) the flower begins to bloom, cut the stem off as close to the bulb as possible, and put it in a vase with some cut stem food. Not only will the flower last longer.. the bulb’s next bloom will be stronger and healthier. I’m trying that now with my 4 bulbs. Notice the black bulb .. .how squished it is.. poor thing must have run into Philips. hahaha….

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Bill (Guillermo 'cause he likes pretending he knows Spanish) and I (Amy) have been married since Sept 2005. We live in Southern Ontario, Canada - Niagara Peninsula in fact, smack dab between 2 of the Great Lakes. We love God, our family, our church family, and making each other laugh. (ergo the profile pic, he decided to make our photographer laugh by throwing a leg up on me just before the shutter clicked, which made ME laugh) When we married, I told Bill: "I don't know how to cook" but he had faith in me. So 15 years later, I'm still learning, and having fun. I've never (in my whole life) cooked a whole bird, chicken, turkey or otherwise. I've never roasted a beef, other than in a crockpot on low for 8 hrs. I like trying to find healthy & easy recipes and then I rarely follow them. I don't enjoy recipes that take hours or intricate steps. I have a special fondness for the Podleski sisters, writers/creators of the Looney Spoons, Crazy Plates and Yum/Yummer cookbooks. In 2018 we suddenly decided to rip our small house apart from stem to stern, moving out for 4.5 months while the house was demolished inside and out, and then rebuilt with an addition. If you go back in the archives to July-Dec 2018 you can follow that story. It's made our house open and so much more conducive to entertaining, small groups and large. It's given us the kitchen I've dreamed of to create and learn in. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to write about our journey, our faith in God and some fun recipes along the way. Thanks for joining us.

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