Cooking on a dime

The reality of this pandemic is sinking in. While we’re thankful for the government aid, it’s limited and considerably less than what we’re accustomed to and budgeted on. So we’re making cuts and doing what we can to save money. Neither of us knows what our future employment will look like – and bills keep […]

Peas, Potato Fries, Puzzles, Pies and Power outages

I’m writing this on Sunday evening.. last day of the weekend.  Which reminds me of one of my favourite lines by Maggie Smith on Downton Abbey.. “Wh..what is a week-end?” I know I’m not the only one that understands this feeling quite well now during this Pandemic.  Tomorrow I’m fulfilling a promise to myself, to […]

Bruschetta Chicken, Crustless Quiche and Take-them-a-meal

Good Saturday Evening, Blogosphere..  I’m sorry I’ve slowed down in my blogging, I’ve actually been quite busy.. and not taking the time to write – which is why we’ve been getting 2-3 recipes per blog post recently. Our church family welcomed a new baby girl this week, so I’ve been arranging meals for the family, […]

Jesus Rocks!

Jesus Rocks!  Haha.. got your attention, didn’t I?  No, I’m not talking about Him being a Rock star, but I could!  I’m talking about Bible references to rocks, stones, blocks..  It’s Sunday, I’m not cooking today, and I wanted to just take a bit of time to  journal some thoughts I’ve been having about rocks, […]