Never ending weekend

Is this what it feels like to be retired.. no longer knowing what day it is?   I expect it will be different when we’re not Self Isolating, can visit, shop, volunteer.

I will say this.. Guillermo is a morning person, and he’s making me into one.  I’ve been off work now for almost 6 weeks and the time has flooooown by.  At first I was all “to do listy” and organized, then i fell off the wagon for about a week.   Now that Guillermo is home (laid off due to Covid-19 this past Thursday) we both have a desire to be structured and productive.  We still have a couple of weekly things that bookmark our days, like Sunday morning church and Monday evening Zoom life group.  But today (Tuesday, i think?) I woke up and took my brain a few minutes of going back in the memory banks to figure out what today was.  Bill mentioned a few times to friends yesterday.. I’ve had 4 Saturdays in a row!


His first day off, I procured a 1000 pc puzzle.  We’ve never done one together, and I’ve always wanted to, but felt it was a guilty pleasure.. or a time waster.. and took up too much room.  Since Bill & Amy’s kitchen isn’t entertaining right now, and the dining table is out of use for dinner parties… what better time?   We finished this lovely scene of the Trattoria Sempione (Restaurant) in Venice, Italy in 3 days, working on it mostly in the early mornings when the sun was streaming in our East dining window. I don’t know if you’ve ever tackled a Springbok puzzle – perhaps this is the norm for puzzles – but it has the ODDEST shapes and variety of sizes.  Finding and identifying the edge & corner pieces almost had me giving up.  But we kept at it.

It was interesting doing a quiet project together side by side for hours.  Not watching TV, or individually reading books, or working on different things in the same room.. but quietly together – we talked, sang along with the radio, let our conversation just flow from one thought to another.  We made phone calls on speaker phone while we puzzled.  And had some very good “together” time that we haven’t had in a long while.  I no longer felt that it was a time waster, but something very beneficial.


We finished it Sunday after (on line) church.. and I haven’t the heart to disassemble it quite yet, while on the other hand I’m itching to start the next one.  Maybe i’ll wait til the real weekend?  After all, it is only Tuesday.. 😉We’ve been busy at other important things and Bill & Amy’s kitchen kept buzzing with activity too.  Guillermo has been doing what makes his heart sing.. fixing a dryer for a couple in our church, and changing a dear lady’s tires from snow to summer (all with careful social distancing) fixing his van that ‘broke’ 2 weeks ago.  And we’re back making to do “Honey do” lists, checking boxes and taking numbers.  

I dug up an old recipe my dear friend/cousin Hope gave me several years ago.   It looks like its on Christmas paper and I don’t know where it originated, so I can’t give credit where due.. she may pipe in in the comments below and have an idea of where it’s from, and I can edit to include afterwards.  The recipe is called:

Salmon Cannelloni with Creamy Lemon sauce.  I made this once before for a family potluck and remembered how well it turned out and tasty it was.


This time I was less enamoured… maybe my palette has changed, maybe i changed something.  I was looking for Gruyere Cheese to grate for a couple of weeks to do this recipe – and we couldn’t find it anywhere.  So I cut up sliced lactose free swiss cheese (using what we had) as tiny as i could.  I guess that alone would make a big enough change to the taste.

You’ll need a 9×13 greased greased glass pan, and a 350F oven.


3 tbsp butter melted
3 tbsp flour
2.5 cups milk  (used lactose free 2%)
1/2 tsp dried dill (ok.. I put in more like 1.5 tsp)
1/2 tsp salt (I put in likely less)
1 cup shredded swiss cheese
2 tbsp lemon juice



In a saucepan, melt butter and stir in flour.
Add milk, dill, salt, and half the cheese.
Cook and stir until bubbling and smooth.
Remove from heat and stir in lemon juice.



Combine these ingredients and spoon filing into 12-14 oven ready cannelloni.

213g canned salmon (drained) (and I removed the spine bones)
1/2 cup sour cream
2 green onions
1/2 tsp grated lemon rind
1/4 sp salt


Caveat.. i realllly stuffed mine, and barely had enough for 12 cannelloni.   I think if I do this recipe again, I’ll do 1.5 times the filling ingredients, or maybe even just add another full can of salmon to be able to stretch it to 14 cannelloni, which would likely fill the 9×13 pan better.

Preheat oven to 350F (180C) Pour a thin layer of sauce on bottom of greased 9×13 baking dish.  Place canneloni in a single layer and cover with remaining sauce and cheese.  Cover and bake for 35-40 min.


Instead of using foil to cover while baking, I used my Charles Viancin Banana Leaf silicone cover. img_8809

I am a HUGE fan of the Charles Viancin silicone covers line.   I first discovered them in Havana Florida while on vacation several years ago, and bought a couple of the large sunflower lids, and gave one to my sister – and said.. you need to be carrying these in your store.  At the time, there wasn’t any representation in Canada of the line.. now several years later, you can find them quite easily.. but I recommend (if you’re local) purchasing them through Avant Garde Emporium.

here’s a fun quick video of the line and how they work.  And I can attest.. they do really work.  you CAN use them on frying pans, in the oven (up to 260C) and in the microwave.  They are great for on glasses outside to keep fruit flies and bees out of your drinks, or keep tea hot.  Listen to me.. i should be selling them!

Here is the finished product.. and looking at it.. yes, it definitely could have used 14 cannellonis.  And maybe a bit more dill on top.


Last week, I pulled the One Dish Salmon dinner that I blogged about HERE out of the freezer and popped it in the toaster oven.  It turned out pretty good for a freezer meal.  I would do it again and try different variations for sure.  This was a recipe that called for grated Gruyere cheese, and we only had sliced swiss..  The instructions also said to bake uncovered.  I found the cheese was overdone, maybe covered for part of the baking time would have been better, or to leave the cheese off until the last 10 min?  Still, turned out pretty good, and a perfect 2 portion meal that was super quick & easy.  (400 in toaster oven for 35  min from frozen) I was impressed, the broccoli wasn’t soggy, and it had really good flavour.

Today we are bringing out the 2 big guns.. the bread maker and crock pot.. Guillermo is following in his dad’s footsteps and making bread today, and I’m cooking up a peanut ginger chicken “the Nutcrocker” from LooneySpoons for dinner, which will pair nicely with some wild rice and stir fry veg.  One of our favourites lately that is really quick is stir fried mushrooms and snap peas.  It takes about 5 minutes and makes such a yummy side.  I usually throw in a few halved grape tomatoes in the last 30 seconds for some extra punch of flavour.  Here it is with some Maple Balsamic chicken breasts I made last week.  That’s a teaser for tonite’s dinner, and tomorrow’s blog.


One thing on my heart a lot lately is to send “happy mail” –  the Post office ladies here and the mail carriers as well have been hopefully getting some joy.  I often write little things on the outside of the envelopes as well.. like “enjoy your snail mail” or “this envelope has NOT been licked, coughed or sneezed upon”   We have a mail carrier at our church, and I sent her one and she’s delivered a few of my envelopes as well.   Decorating the envelopes with bright happy stickers and away they go to hopefully spread some joy during these unsettling and lonely times.


What can you do to spread JOY and reach out to others?   We’ve been the recipients of flowers twice, phone calls, emails, Face Times.. and hearing stories of others going for walks, porch visits, dropping off flowers and baked goods.. I’m encouraged by people’s enthusiasm and desire to do good things.. bringing this verse from Galations 6:9 to mind.. so I’m going to spend some time thinking for this week ahead.. what GOOD can I do?

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Never give up.



There’s Kale in the Chicken Coup

Aha.. you thought you caught me in another typo, didn’t you?  Nope… that title is on purpose.. read on to find out why.

I’ve been much better at making good dinners, we’re not eating out, or eating too much processed foods.  I have not been as proactive with my lunches.  I’ve been waiting til I’m hungry and then grabbing what was handy, and not always making the best choices.  So after breakfast today, I went through my recipe books looking for something I could make, that would be healthy, real food – with what I have in the house.  I found 3 great salads that I have (almost) all the ingredients for.   I decided today to try the “Chicken Coup” recipe from the Looney Spoons collection.

I altered a bit, based on what I had in the house.. so here’s what I did…


4 celery heart stalks with leaves, chopped
4 green onions with white parts, chopped
1 honey crisp apple, peel on, cored and chopped
1/3 cup dried cranberries
1/3 cup chopped pecans
2 cans of Kirkland cooked chicken, drained
(recipe called for parsley, but we don’t have any in Bill & Amy’s kitchen)


dressing: (mix up well together before adding to salad fixins above)
1/4 cup mayo
1/4 cup plain greek yogurt (recipe calls for light sour cream, I substituted)
1 tbsp white balsamic vinegar (recipe calls for plain white vinegar)
1 tbsp honey mustard
1 tbsp frozen orange juice concentrate
fresh ground S & P

It was really really good.  I will definitely make this again!  So yummy.  I put it in the fridge for lunch later today.. and headed out to hang laundry on the line.




While I was out hanging laundry, i was reminded about a conversation my sister and I had (socially distanced) on my back patio last week.

We have 6 kale plants that wintered really well and are regrowing beautifully.  She asked me if i’m using it yet in salads – which i haven’t.    So I picked 6 good leaves and brought them inside, washed and chopped, then put through the food processor to chop really fine.


We also have some onions I left in the ground over winter – we planted too late and they took a long time to establish themselves, but are now showing really nice promise.


Fresh washed kale leaves, then chopped fine in food processor

I added the kale to the “Chicken Coup” salad..  and it’s Perfect.


mmmm.. yummy yummy in my tummy.

A couple of days ago, in a continued effort to waste less.. I kept the seeds aside from an acorn squash we had with dinner a few nights ago.  Washed, dried and then sprayed with cooking oil spray, a small dash of salt, a couple pinches of smoked paprika and garlic powder.. then roasted in the toaster oven for 12 min at 350 convection.  Definitely not enough to use the big oven, but perfect for our Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven.   I love our toaster oven.  We use it more than the big oven, it’s so handy and quick.  The roasted squash seeds turned out fantastic, great crunch and very flavourful.. a lovely snack.  I don’t think i’ll throw out seeds ever again.



It’s Saturday of Easter weekend, the day when my family typically gets together for a grand potluck dinner.  Instead, due to Covid-19 and social isolating, we met for 4 hours on Zoom last night.. some of my nephews/nieces and greats popping in for a short while, a couple for the whole time.  We cooked & ate together, folded laundry together, shared what’s happening in our lives, and had stuffed animal shows.  A young great niece took us all on a tour of their family’s horse farm with her daddy’s phone, showed us how she can climb hay bales, and introduced the family to her pony named “Peanut butter”.  2 of my sisters took us on tours of their gardens.  It isn’t the same as being together, but in some ways, it was better.. we saw each other in our own homes.. it was chaos.. and it was beautiful.

As are my fair feathered friends who continue to visit and entertain..


Meatloaf and Miracles

We received the most glorious Spring Sunshiney afternoon yesterday, and I knew it was coming, I worked hard to accomplish all my “To Do List” in the morning, including masking up and heading to the grocery store to get my mom’s and our groceries.   I rewarded myself with some basking time in the sun with 20C warmth, knowing we were getting some yucky weather ahead.

Weather here (in Niagara Peninsula, Southern Ontario, Canada), can on any given day, with or without warning – be quite fickle.   4 pm and  almost blistering hot in the sun, to next morning 2C with wet snow falling hard (those white stripes in the 2nd pic.. that’s wet SNOW in motion)

Re groceries: during this pandemic, I’ve managed to spread it out to about 10 days between trips, and would like to see if I can spread that even further to maybe 2 weeks by carefully budgeting food and resources in the house.  Those of you with more mouths to feed –  I understand it’s very likely impossible to do that.  I hear there’s people that go to the grocery stores still every day.. likely because it’s their one social outing.. but I can’t fathom that.  I’m not an anxious person, but i’m careful.  I don’t want to go out more than I absolutely have to.. so i have a hard time understanding those that are purposely going every day.    In fact.. i’d be happy to stay home and go nowhere at all til this pandemic is over. I mean.. i know i’m blessed, i’m in a newly renovated home, have a big fridge and separate freezer.. A home with a big backyard, and a gorgeous deck/patio with southern exposure.. so i don’t have to go anywhere… i have space here to roam.. and i’m finding the longer i’m home, the more i’m convinced about being an introvert.  I’m kinda thriving.. sorry to the extroverts.  I’ll admit – I feel that I’m getting more social interaction than I did when working with more people making  more phone calls, face-timing and Zoom..

Interestingly and sadly,  a lot less time with my Guillermo, as he’s an elder/treasurer in our church, and serves on a couple other committees – so most nights he comes home from work and goes straight to his home office, sometimes for 3.5 hour Zoom meetings.


Because today’s forecast was for cold, rainy, overcast and definitely not patio weather.. I made plans to cook & bake today.   I had lean turkey burger thawed, and looked up a bunch of meatloaf recipes on line.  I’ve never had much luck with meatloaf before, and if you’ve been following me a while, you know that I really don’t love the taste or smell of beef, so I typically substitute turkey or chicken “burger” in most recipes.

I found quite an interesting recipe that called for finely chopped mushroom, and since i’d just stocked up on mushrooms yesterday meant for a couple of other recipes, I  decided to give it a whirl.
Here’s the original recipe.

Lookit these lovely fresh mushrooms.. they’re so firm and crunchy.  I almost felt bad pulverizing them.


And here’s what Amy did instead… ’cause you know i only take recipes as suggestions.😊

Moist and Mushroomy Meatloaf

splash of Avocado oil
1/2 a red onion  (finely chopped)
3 garlic cloves minced
8 oz Cremini (baby bella) mushrooms finely chopped in food processor
S & P

img_8690heat pan, oil, and then fry onion til translucent, midway i added minced garlic, and finally the chopped mushrooms.  keep cooking til most of water is cooked off.  Cool completely.  Again, like yesterday, i cooled in the window sill.  See that black van in the driveway? It’s not supposed to be there right now…  It’s part of our “Miracle” story today – I’ll get back to after the recipe)


1 cup panko breadcrumbs (this bugged me, i felt mostly healthy til here.. I think next time i’ll pulverize some Mary Crackers.. unless someone has other suggestions of what to replace the breadcrumbs with to make the recipe healthier?)
1/3 cup milk (i use water with skim milk powder)
Soak & mix the panko with the milk
1 lb lean minced turkey
1/4 cup egg whites (equiv of 2 eggs)
3 tbsp ketchup
1 tbps worcestercire sauce
a few dashes of La Grille Vegetable Seasoning
a dash of smoked paprika


Now mix it all up … i used a fork, i canNOT put my hands in raw meat.. i’ll gag and can’t bleach my hands enough afterwards.  Honestly, this pic above is kinda grossing me out… ughh.

My mix felt still quite wet.. so i added a bit more panko, and then decided to put it in a loaf pan lined with sprayed plastic wrap to cool/set some more before upturning (& coating with more ketchup) on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper to cook later.

Plated later with garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and a salad. Comfort food on a plate!


I peeled and cut up all the potatoes early this morning while i was prepping the meatloaf and had them in the fridge ready to go on the stove about 2/3 of the way through the baking time.


(my garlic mashed: 4 large yellow flesh potatoes peeled and cut, 2 garlic cloves boiled in lightly salted water, drain, mash (I whip with my hand blender), add either herb & garlic cream cheese or plain cream cheese and a bit of milk when whipping)



The cooling/forming of the meatloaf worked well.  I topped with ketchup and a bit of this smokey Habanero sauce I brought back from Mexico in December.

Here’s the result.. some nice outer crunchy bits.. SOOO much flavour, and still nice and moist!

Let me tell you about our Miracle of the day… which partly explains why i was up so early doing food prep and baking.   Guillermo typically leaves for work by about 6:20 am, and without fail, kisses me goodbye while i’m still sleeping. About 3/4 of the time, I’m awake enough to remember.  Today he came back a 2nd time, a few minutes after the 1st.. to tell me “my van broke, i need to take yours today, K?”  and then he was gone.  This woke me up enough to not turn over and go back to sleep for a couple of hours, which I’ve been doing the last few days.

When I got to the kitchen to make coffee, I noticed his (black) van was pulled up about 3′ from where it normally sits, and parked on an angle.  He later explained to me that he thinks a spring broke.  the MIRACLE being the timing.   1) I’m off work and we have a second vehicle he can use right away, and 2) the biggest.. it didn’t happen 10 minutes later when he was going 110 km/hr (or more) on the highway.  We thank God for His protection.

As I watch the amazing birds out my window each day and remember that God cares even for the littlest sparrow or finch in such marvellous ways.. how much more, how much more, how much more... does He care for me, and supply all my needs every day.

Speaking of birds… here’s today’s Ornithology… we had a new visitor this afternoon.. i didn’t get a good photo, he was shy, and arrived in poor lighting, so I had to overexpose the photo to show his brilliance.. he’s a red bellied woodpecker!  Not sure why he’s named a “red bellied”.. it’s his cap that’s red.. not his belly.  He was quite large, a mature male.. likely a full 10″ or more. img_8709

This Dove sat and nonchalantly preened in front of the window for a good 1/2 hr.


We’ve discovered  we have orange house finches!  I honestly wondered if it was a cross breed between  American Goldfinch and a Housefinch.. (I’m guessing that’s impossible) but found out through the Cornel Ornithology Lab that it’s actually a variant of the typically red house finch.   I consider myself quite blessed, cause as you may know, I’m quite partial to orange..  😉

My photo of these darlings is quite blown up and from too great a distance, also not showing the brilliance of the orange head & breast, but THIS on line pic  (<—click here) that I found is much more indicative of what we have in our fun sideyard. 



And My dear friend Mr. Downy.. he visited quite regularly today as per usual.


Thanks my fair feathered friends for brightening the day, and readers for stopping by.  😘

Stay safe,  #stayhome





One dish salmon broccoli dinner

This morning after a quick walk and checking out my gardens to see what’s growing.. (the crocuses are having a very lovely Loonnnnnggg season)


I spent some time flipping through my recipe books while having breakfast.

I kept being drawn to recipes requiring ingredients that I didn’t have in the house.  Typically i would make a quick trip to pick up those items after work, but…

A) I haven’t been to work in 3 weeks now..
B) I’m doing all I can to stay safe, healthy, #stayhome and
C) I’m trying to use what I have in the house and keep our budget in line.   I found a recipe I had clipped out of the Compliments magazine (put out by Sobey’s) a few years ago, but hadn’t tried yet.  Here’s a link to their website, where I’ve also picked up some great recipes in the past.  Their website is great, you can search for one or two items you may have at hand, and you’ll get great & healthy ideas.

Today’s recipe for One dish Salmon Broccoli au Gratin (<<—link to the original recipe) suggested that it was a good meal to make ahead, freeze, and then either give away to someone you were making a meal for, or save for later.  In other words, if you know you’re going away and want to leave some easy meals in the freezer that can be popped straight into the oven..  or in our case, for when I’m back to work, nice to have a few like this that are ready after a long day at work to just pop in the oven.   I’m also a part of the meal ministry at church, and always looking for good meal ideas to give away.

Here’s what you need for what I actually made.. (in italics are my changes from the original recipe)

1  5 x 8 baking pan
Avocado Oil
1 russet potato
Onion slices
garlic clove minced
Handful of sugar snap peas
1 cup frozen broccoli
Parmesan Cheese
Clubhouse La Grille Vegetable Seasoning
2 frozen salmon fillets
2 slices of Swiss Cheese
img_8650First puncture the potatoes all over with a fork, and microwave for 3-4 min (til soft).. slice and set aside to cool.  Once cool, line the bottom of the (sprayed) pan with the potatoes)
Meanwhile, fry up the onion & garlic in oil with S&P, and add the snap peas. (I’m guessing i didn’t need to fry the snap peas, they don’t shed water like the mushrooms that the original recipe called for)

Cool this completely.  I put these in the window sill to cool… I needed the window open just to deal with the fried onion smell in the house… woooo weeee!!  It smells like a diner in here!


Note the little bowl propping up my plate of fried onions & peas?   That’s lettuce I’m growing from a Romaine root.  Hoping to pop it in some soil in a week or two once roots form.  I have 2 little bowls right now on the window, cut from store bought romaine.   So far one little leaf sprout, and more coming.



ok.. back to the recipe.

The frozen broccoli pieces were too big, so i thawed them just enough to cut into smaller pieces, then started layering.  First spray the pan, then layer potatoes, peas, fried onions, broccoli.. and here I played with the recipe and added some grated parmesan and the vegetable seasoning.

then the 2 frozen salmon fillets, topped with a slice of swiss cheese each, and wrap in foil with directions on top.  Easy peasy!   We’ll see how it works out.. if it does well, I may play with this with other vegetables and meat.  I’m trying to learn how to cook just enough for 2 ppl one meal, but it’s a struggle somedays.   This is a nice small pan that will fit in our toaster oven, saving us from using the big oven.


Directions:  Bake uncovered in a preheated 400°F (200°C) oven until the cheese is golden, the salmon flakes with a fork and the vegetables are tender, about 35 min. from frozen or 25 min. if baking from fresh. Let stand 5 min. before serving.

When I pull this out of the freezer sometime soon, I’ll give my grading on whether or not it was a success.

What are you favourite freezer/one pan dinner meals?  Do you have tips/tricks? Would love to hear them!

One thing I’m trying to do when I create in the kitchen is start off with a sink full of hot soapy water and clean all my dishes as I go, so I’m not left with a big mess to clean up afterwards. It got me thinking about Forgiveness – a subject our pastor spoke on this past Sunday in “virtual church”or perhaps Confession is a better analogy..   Keeping close accounts is important. 

If we hurt someone, or sin against God, confession and seeking forgiveness RIGHT AWAY is key in order for us to continue on, to be effective in ministry, in relationships, in life.  If we keep right on “cooking” and never clean up.. it’s going to get to the point where we have no space or resources left to cook, bake, create, not a pot, pan or measuring spoon to use.  All our talents, ministries, relationships, gifts, will be dirty/tainted.. and a lot of work will have to be done before we can start over.  And sometimes that pile can be too daunting to look at, and we walk away hoping someone else will clean it up. 

Not a perfect analogy, but just one that was going through my mind as I cooked and cleaned this morning.

I’ll leave you with this sweet pic of my mom and aunt, both in their mid eighties having a backyard “social distancing” visit on Sunday afternoon.


This (pandemic) time is very difficult for our seniors, especially those who don’t have access to technology or the know-how to use it.  I’m very proud of & thankful for these two, both have Ipads and have “Zoomed” with their families, face-timed, participated in virtual church in the last few weeks, and found ways to still be in touch with loved ones while being safe.


We’ve done a LOT of Zooming & face-timing ourselves, as I’m sure most of you are… so i’m not living in my PJ’s, and still putting makeup on everyday and sometimes attempting to comb my hair. 😏 Pictured is my Guillermo, leading our Life group last night.. These lovely people usually fill our living room on Monday evenings, so instead for now.. we invite them in virtually.   Oh! how we miss them,   😥 again thankful for technology that allows us to see each other, study, share and pray together.

How are you adjusting to this time of “social distancing”?  Are you sending cards in the mail? ✉️ Making phone calls? ☎️ Face-timing or using Google Hangouts?  Zoom meetings? 💻 What can you do?  Other ideas?  I’d love to hear them!

Oh.. and  ps. Nan.. yes, i’d love the rocks.  🙂   Love that you and Pop are going for drives and having window visits too.  We look forward to seeing you really soon.  xoxo

Jesus Rocks!


Jesus Rocks!  Haha.. got your attention, didn’t I?  No, I’m not talking about Him being a Rock star, but I could!  I’m talking about Bible references to rocks, stones, blocks..  It’s Sunday, I’m not cooking today, and I wanted to just take a bit of time to  journal some thoughts I’ve been having about rocks, stones – stumbling blocks. 

I’m a rock collector.   Not a serious one, but I’ve been known to take rocks & stones from beaches I’ve visited.  I like rocks.  I have a set of 5 really white ones from Northern Bruce Peninsula that sit in a formation in my front garden, and a big pitted limestone rock in my veggie garden from the lake where my family had a cottage when I was growing up. Stones from 3 different Maritime Provinces that line part of a garden, and a whole jar of stones from lakes, rivers, paths we’ve walked on.

I’m also drawn to taking photos of rocks, and rock formations. This of course is a lot more environmentally friendly (leave the rocks, take a photo)

In the scriptures, God uses stones and rocks quite often in analogies.

We know that (Eph 2: 19-22) we are not alone (strangers or aliens) in our Faith.. but that Christ is the Cornerstone (or capstone) and we are fellow “citizens with God’s people, members of His household, built on the foundation of the apostles, prophets, with Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.  I find that very comforting.. that I don’t have to build my faith from scratch; for the church (family of God) that I’m a part of, surrounded by other stones, bricks (family members in Christ) who are with me, we are built on the foundation of the apostles, prophets (the scriptures) with Christ as our cornerstone. Being the daughter of a builder, and working in the construction industry, I understand this analogy well.  If you don’t lay the foundation right, everything after will be off kilter.  Your drywall will crack, windows can break.  It’s vital to lay a firm foundation.

Many times throughout the bible the term “stumbling block” is used. Have you ever tripped over a stone? Fell, bruised, scraped up, gotten hurt, aching body, broken bones? The next several days, (or weeks/months) depending on how bad the fall was, that pain is always with you, and affects everything about your day.

Imagine, you’re walking along at a good pace, enjoying the views, taking in the fresh air, getting to where you want to go –  on time, with purpose.. and BOOM.. there’s a stone, maybe just a small tiny loose one that makes your ankle turn.. maybe a big one that’s slippery. And suddenly you fall, and everything changes. Your entire view is changed. Maybe you’re eating dirt. Maybe you’re seeing stars. Maybe you got knocked right out.


I walked on this rocky beach near Tobermorey, Ontario several years ago, and twisted my ankle quite badly, resulting in a bad limp, sore & aching for several days.

I see the term “stumbling block”  used in 2 different ways in the Bible.   But I want to focus on the way it’s used as a warning to those of us who are Believers.. to ‘[not be a stumbling block]’, or put one in front of others.


During this time we’re in right now when the world is reeling in fear and grief due to the Covid-19 pandemic, how can we as brothers & sisters in Christ point people to the Chief Cornerstone (Jesus Christ) and do our utmost best to ‘not be a stumbling block?’


Are we focusing on our fear, pain, unemployment, the food chain supply, the economy, world leaders, the news, our social media feeds?

What is on our mind?

Matt 16:23
Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.”

What is on MY mind? The concerns of God, what He’s doing, how I can be a part of it, or am I focusing only on my own needs/wants/fears? (“Do I have enough toilet paper? What about my GIC’s? I need a hair cut, maybe I can talk my hairdresser into taking me in at her house.. nobody will know… Oh no, Home Depot is shutting down.. and I wanted to take this time to paint the kitchen. Hey, my Ipad’s not working, I’m going to take it to my neighbour next door (who is safely social distancing, and I miss), he can fix it for me.. ” )

Romans 14:13

Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister.

Bill and I went for a walk around our block the other day, and I found myself “passing judgment” on others as I went.. a group of people having a backyard bbq (“are they practicing social distancing?? They just don’t care!  When will people take this seriously??”)  a couple of moms with 8 kids on bikes in a parking lot having a great time outside in the sunshine.. (“they can’t possibly be all from one household, that’s against the law!”)

I read this scripture this morning.. and felt convicted immediately.  I passed judgement.  I need to look inward…  How can **I** make up my mind to not put an obstacle in other’s ways?

Ie.. my lack of forgiveness, my laziness, my attitude, my need to be right & have my needs heard in every circumstance..   is that a stumbling block to others, that hides Christ, instead of pointing to Him?


1 Corinthians 8:9

Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.

Paul in 1st Corinthians 8 talks about our freedom in Christ – and how exercising that freedom in front of others who are “weak” can be a stumbling block. In this passage he’s talking about eating meat sacrificed to idols.   That was a HUGE ‘no-no’ back in the day for the Jewish people.  But for the Believers who knew that there is only ONE God, and that the idols were merely stone, plaster, metal, and with that knowledge knew that the meat is just meat.. not an offering.. it was ok for them to eat…

BUT… if they ate that meat in view of other’s who don’t have the knowledge of our one God.. it could be a stumbling block – so it would be better not to, even though it was ok for them… just so they didn’t cause others to sin.

ie: (is she an idol worshipper eating sacrificial meat? If SHE can eat meat, than so can I!)   in today’s world, some Christians apply this scripture to alcohol.   (he’s having a beer in a bar with other believers! Then it’s ok for me to drink.. get drunk even! Party ON!)

For all I know –  the neighbours having the backyard BBQ felt they had freedom, maybe they were all one household (it was a pretty big house) and they were practicing all the laws of social distancing and taking every precaution..   yet I judged.


For those of us who are in ministry, this command to not be a stumbling block, is even more important.

2 Corinthians 6:3
We put no stumbling block in anyone’s path, so that our ministry will not be discredited.

We are warned in Matthew 18:6 by Jesus himself, to not to let the little ones stumble (to sin)

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”


Wow.. that’s pretty intense.


So here’s a few questions for us.

Are you making your little ones stumble by your example, or are you teaching them how to give/serve/love Jesus/others. We have such a great opportunity during this time of global pandemic to be examples to the little ones, whether young by faith or by their chronological age.

How are we living our Faith, loving others? Are we following the law of our governments and being examples? Praying for our leaders or cursing them? Are we practicing social distancing or are we breaking law? Are we hoarding, or sharing? Are we taking for ourselves, or are we giving?   Are we sharing Christ, or are we keeping Him to ourselves? Are we bemoaning all the things we are missing and complaining, or are we Praising God?   Are we taking our fears to God in prayer and laying them at His feet, or are we holding on to our fears, lying awake at night, stuffing them down with food or entertainment.

Are you making your brother stumble? (can you cut my hair? Will you fix my ipad? Let’s have tea together.. we’re less than 5 people, come on, don’t be a party pooper!)


Church… Let’s be a Rock – not a stumbling block, Be a Peter. He fumbled, failed, sinned, but he became the rock of the church… and not even the gates of Hell will overcome it.

Matthew 16:18

And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.


“Cornerstone” lyrics – Hillsong
written by Edward Mote, Eric Liljero, Jonas Myrin, Reuben Morgan


Chicken Stew, Feathers and Marketing

Here’s your daily dose of Ornithology from my side yard…


“Come ON!” (says my Cousin Ron) aren’t they the cutest??



they can make an awful mess, eat a LOT, but they sure do entertain me!  The house finches (red ones) are really coming into their Spring colour and the Doves.. well, they are hilarious bullies, and seem to have personality issues.  This one seems to think he’s a gold finch.  Um.. dude?


I went for a walk early this morning, and came across a decorated window on a side street home..  img_8578

I came home and promptly looked up Psalm 91… here it is in it’s entirety:
(how cool that it talks about feathers & wings?)

Psalm 91 – NIV

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High
will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]
I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,
my God, in whom I trust.”

Surely he will save you
from the fowler’s snare
and from the deadly pestilence.
He will cover you with his feathers,
and under his wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.
You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plague that destroys at midday.
A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you.
You will only observe with your eyes
and see the punishment of the wicked.

If you say, “The Lord is my refuge,”
and you make the Most High your dwelling,
10 no harm will overtake you,
no disaster will come near your tent.
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.
13 You will tread on the lion and the cobra;
you will trample the great lion and the serpent.

14 “Because he[b] loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.
15 He will call on me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble,
I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life I will satisfy him
and show him my salvation.”

What a great reminder in these crazy times.

 Thanks Neighbours!!!

A few of my sisters and I had coffee via ZOOM with my mom this morning.  It worked out great, and we’re going to try again tonite with our other sister who lives out in Vancouver, working in Healthcare – she’s one of our dedicated and exhausted front line workers.  I am SOO glad for the technology we have that allows family to connect during these times!!

I haven’t actually been cooking much more since I’ve been home, since every recipe I have is good for at least 3 meals.. i’m still only cooking about 3 times a week.  Today I decided to make a chicken stew recipe from Kraft’s What’s Cookin’ magazine.  This was a recipe I cut out years ago and saved in my book.

In crockpot on LOW for 6-8  or HIGH for 3-4 hours. 

(i’m doing “High for 4″, my chicken was not fully thawed when I started)

Cut up 1.5 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs in 1” pieces
coat with 1/4 c flour
baby carrots (I cut in half)
mushroom slices (i didn’t have, used celery instead)
1 small onion chopped (used about 1/2 a large red onion)
cubed potatoes (not in the recipe, again, I added)
reduced sodium chicken broth. (they call for one can of condensed.. i had about 1/3 of a tetra pack in the freezer that I pulled out and thawed)
I also added S& P to the potatoes.

In last 30 min, add one container of herb & garlic cream cheese (recipe calls for 1/2 cup, but I didn’t measure any of the meat or veg, and know it was close to doubled), thawed & drained frozen peas (i have green beans in the house, no peas)

Also, Sorry Kraft.. i didn’t use any of your products..

Here’s the original recipe if you’re a purist..


For 2 days we’ve had the most glorious weather here in Southern Ontario… yesterday hit 18 in the shade, and I was in the full sun on the protected South side of the house.  I read, wrote a tonne of cards & letters for the mail, and just soaked up the sun. Please ignore my sock lines.. and YES MOMs (that includes my 4 older sister-moms), I’m wearing sunscreen! 


 Today I spent a little bit of time playing with photos to help my sister do some marketing for her store:   Avant Garde Emporium(caveat, i’m learning as I go, and have very little photo editing software, but just having a wee bit of fun, and hopefully being helpful)

Geri’s had to close her store due to Covid-19, but doing some “contactless curbside” shopping.  ie.. you can buy over the phone or by email, and she’ll have ready outside for pick up on a cart outside her store.  Here’s a sneak peak of some of her Easter specials.. fun things to buy for little ones for Easter..



How cute is that Llama piggy bank!   I want one for myself!!

Well faithful readers, the weekend is upon us.. I’m looking forward to a quiet one at home with Guillermo who has been working tirelessly at work, and at home on his computer doing church business.  Have a good safe weekend.. and ‘dwell in the shelter of the Most High’



Counting my blessings & Guillermo’s French Toast

I’ve been struggling the last couple of days.  Physically with a couple of old injuries that have flared up, inability to get out for healing walks outside in the fresh air… and Mentally..  not so much with being shut in due to Covid-19 – but i think just because of my current physical limitations, and all I faced yesterday trying to get some things done.  It was scary out there.. i like my safe house.  That’s all I’ll say about the negative.  You’re all reading/watching the news, and facing it yourselves.

I was chatting with my mom on the phone this morning, and before hanging up, I said.. “i’m gonna go count my blessings and write them down now, Mom”.  So that’s what I’m going to do now.   some of these are going to be “instead of’s” or “even though’s”… ie, instead of the woe i’m facing, how to turn it to positive.

Even though it’s been realllllly annoying how slow the internet has been … i HAVE internet at home, the ability to pay for it, and incredible ways to connect to family, friends, work, and church during this time.


Instead of complaining about my sore foot and arm, I’m going to be thankful I have this time off work to elevate, ice, protect, and rest.

I have a breadmaker!! 


img_8544It’s been used every 2-3 days lately keeping fresh bread in the house with very little work on my behalf! (thanks Aunt Margaret for giving us a really good bread maker for a wedding gift almost 15 years ago, it still works GREAT!)  We miss you, Aunt Margaret.. you were such an encouragement to both Bill and I.  Having the bread maker out on the Island making us bread 3x a week reminds us of you, and how much you cared for us.


I was able to find yeast in bulk before the stores ran out.

Local growers are selling plants at cost .. I “splurged” and got myself 8 new orchids for $59 via the Watering Can Flower Market (free delivery over $30 or contactless curb pickup)


So thankful for my church and Pastor for encouraging us with the Word this Sunday, that we were able to watch it from home, and participate in worship on the couch.


Thankful to be able to take notes during the message, and encourage my Pastor right back by sending him my sermon note drawing. smiley face


Thankful for a husband who loves my cooking attempts – even the failed ones, and made French Toast himself for breakfast on Sunday using our fresh home made bread.

(4 eggs, a “dash” of milk, lotsa cinnamon.. coated each piece well, a little soak time.. in the non stick fry pan with some Spray oil.. his topped with maple syrup, mine with pineapple yogurt)


Thankful Bill found brand new N95 masks in the house we had purchased when we were doing the house demo 1.5 yrs ago, along with thick automotive gloves so I felt safer shopping yesterday.

Thankful for clean water, soap and the means to clean all our fruit and veg and packaging.. even though it takes a whole lot longer to shop and clean.. we can do it, we can be safe.

Thankful for raw hands – cause we have clean water and soap

Thankful for the time at home to do a better job of cleaning, prepping, and making us safe.

Thankful for the time at home to be able to encourage others, sending notes, emails, phonecalls.






Thankful for a government, both provincially and federally that is taking Covid-19 seriously, and setting good examples for us, and doing their best to communicate.  I may not have voted for everyone that’s in power now, but I’ve been incredibly impressed and thankful for their leadership, and praying for them.



Thankful for PRAYER with friends, on my own.. that God is ever present, always with me.. never am I isolated from Him.

Thankful for this incredible HUGE Pointsettia that moved in with us almost 4 months ago, and is still brightening our home, and that we have the room for it to continue to do so.


thankful for my fair feathered friends who entertain me in my window daily

thankful for my local post office ladies, who are working through this time, and dealing with some really difficult people, and still smile and treat everyone kindly.

img_8487a.jpgthankful for on line banking, on line shopping…

After 3 or more years blogging on this page, i finally figured out how to insert emojis .. entirely by accident! 😍😳

thankful for my 12 year old Macbook Pro that keeps chugging along and allowing me to blog!

thankful for my readers, and those who comment and encourage me.

thankful for new bloggers I’ve found that are encouraging me in THEIR outlook during this time.

Thankful for my family, especially my sisters who are working hard for their families, for healthcare, for my mom, for their businesses.. and aren’t giving up.

thankful for my mom’s 2 amazing PSWs, both Christian ladies that love her, and are caring for her so beautifully when we can’t.

thankful for a GREAT result of mom’s recent tests showing her pneumonia is finally gone, and her lungs are clear.


Thankful for this notification i just got on my phone that made me laugh… I’m trying to NOT waste my time on Candy Crush and other games.. but there is a time for it.  (waiting in line 2m apart from everyone else to get in at Costco, waiting on hold with CRA to check EI claim status… etc)

What are YOU thankful for today?  Let’s keep count our blessings

Yummus Hummus & The other white meat

Today’s blog is just about food.  No lessons.  No challenges.  No birds… and ALMOST no flowers.

A couple of days ago, I shared how we purchased extra dry goods, including dry chick peas.  I cooked a cup of peas up a few days ago, and promised to make Hummus with them.  I did that yesterday.

I read other blogger’s recipes LATER, and realized that it really needed more liquid.  But I like it super thick and chunky.  Some cooks even add water.  I really don’t want to add more oil and there was enough lemon juice.. just the right amount.

I used the cooked peas (no liquid; they were pretty dry) 1/4 cup Tahini, 1 mashed garlic clove, juice from one lemon, Cumin, smoked Paprika, Cold pressed grapeseed oil, and half a frozen jalepeno from last summer’s garden.  a tiny pinch of salt afterwards


I read a meme on line a couple weeks ago re: Covid-19 and handwashing.. “wash your hands like you’ve just been cutting jalepenos and need to take out your contacts”   I thought of that before I wisely got out a pair of Guillermo’s automotive gloves that I keep in the kitchen.

Sometime in 2018 we spent a bunch of our Canadian Tire “dollars” and bought a few much needed small appliances with our points – one of my favourites is this Cuisinart Smart Stick.   It’s my food processor, immersion blender, nut grinder, whip cream whipper, mixer.. you name it.  Yesterday it was my Hummus maker.


Here we go!!




and after..


mmmmmmmm – plated with Mary’s crackers, carrots and Lo Bok (Daikon Radish) What a great lunch!

more info on this delectable Japanese vegetable HERE.


A few days ago I asked Bill to pick up some Pork Tenderloins at Costco on his way home from work.  He couldn’t find any, ( a LOT of meat is sold out by end of day)  so instead he brought home several (a dozen!) Pork loin centre & rib cutlets.. which I’d never cooked before, and had no idea how to… I’m not very good with pork.. it always ends up dry, or chewy.  The only success i’ve had with any Pork is tenderloin in the crock pot.. so that’s what I did with 3 of these lovely cutlets.   (note to self… learn how to cook the “other white meat”) 

They went in frozen in an oiled crock pot  (these are at LEAST 1.5″ thick)


My mix is simple.  a bit of water, a can of NO Salt added Mushroom soup, and a pack of Knorr peppercorn sauce.  Mix it up, pour it on the frozen cutlets, 4 hours on high.. and boom, yer done.   It makes the BEST gravy and the pork comes out fork tender.


proof.. i put my fork in, placed my steak knife, and it just fell apart before my knife got past the yummy gravey.


Are you hungry yet?  🙂  What’s for lunch/dinner at your house?    Are you finding more time to cook/create in your kitchen?  While this is a crazy world we’re living in right now, I am loving the time I have to try out new recipes and blog again.



Whatsoever things are..


It was grey and dismal this morning in Southern Ontario.   I went for my half hour pre-breakfast walk, and for most of it, was all alone on the streets.  It looks lonely, barren,  forgotten, dirty.. grey.

But as I walked.. i looked for signs of Spring.  These lovely blue flowers that grow in the grass (anyone know what they’re called?)  The trees budding back to life, tulips sprouting from the ground..

On the last leg of my walk, I crossed paths with a young mom and her daughter who attend a local church.  They had a wagon full of potted Gerberas, and were stopping at all the homes on the street to deliver one with a note, saying “if you need help with groceries or anything, please call”   How SWEET!!  I missed taking a photo of them, but then another mom & daughter stopped by my house later in the day and I asked for a photo op. Isn’t that lovely??

When I arrived back home, I decided to take a look in our “temporary garden”.   Last year Guillermo had to do some structural work on our rental cottage in the backyard, and moved the perennial garden to a dirt heap.  I found poppies starting to sprout, rhubarb pushing it’s way through the dirt,


our kale with fresh new leaves and a whole line of very old tulips. (if you click on the individual small images, you’ll be able to see more closeup)

I had also temporarily moved several tulip bulbs early last fall to another side garden and tossed in a bunch of garlic cloves late November .. and they’re all coming up beautifully, as is this one entire garlic bulb I missed pulling last year. WOOPS!!


There are signs of Spring, renewal, hope. My fair feathered friends.. Mr. Downy and the Cardi’s give me endless entertainment.  See how Mr. Cardi watches protectively over Mrs. while she eats at the green feeder?

As I sit here at the dining table blogging, my tulips are fading, but still bringing great colour and joy to the house i’m isolated in.  (note that amazing lunch plate beside me?? I’ll tell you about that tomorrow…)


I read an Instagram post today by someone saying how her emotions were at an all-time high, and she finds herself crying every day.. and countless others agreed.. saying it was the same for them.  Lemme just say… Tears are good.  They’re an outlet.  Let them go!!  I’ll admit I’ve cried more than a few times in the last week, not because of fear, anxiety or being lonely and isolated.. but because of the stories I am hearing of others, loved ones who are really suffering as mentioned in an earlier blogpost.  For those who already are dealing with anxiety and clinical depression.. this is an exceptionally hard time.   If those of us with relatively good mental health are struggling, you can bet our friends are doing much more poorly.

Several weeks ago, before isolation & social distancing became a necessity, A friend gave us a hostess gift, including this tiny note… I found it today, and am keeping it close.  It’s amazing how much joy and comfort these little words bring.  It doesn’t take much.  At all.  To brighten someone’s day and give hope.


Several years ago, I taught a high school Sunday School class.  I was impressed upon to teach from Philippians 4 for a few weeks.  I wrote out the verses on an electric green poster board and plastered it with smiley faces.  It looked something like this.

Screenshot 2020-03-27 14.06.14

The point I was trying to make with my students is that no matter what we’re going through, whatever season.. God has this “command” for us.. and it’s not because he wants us to ignore the bad stuff, or just “be positive” but because He loves US, and wants the best for us.. Focusing/thinking on the GOOD, noble, true, right, pure, lovely admirable, excellent & praiseworthy things is the very best way for US to live.. and he really does WANT the best for us.   I remember we spent a week as well just talking about the Peace of God.. and about “guarding our hearts & minds.”  Another really good reminder for these days with all we’re facing in our world with Covid-19.

This poster hung on the wall of our classroom for several years.. and the kids themselves referred to it often.. even chastising me with it if I went down a bad rabbit trail.  Teachers often teach things they themselves need to learn…

smiley face

So I leave us with this challenge today.  In spite of all the fears, sadness, grief, unknowns…

what praiseworthy things can you be thinking of today? 




Ripe bananas and a wicked tongue


We had several perfectly over-ripe bananas sitting on the counter this morning.  I don’t have my own recipe (yet) so I spent some time Pinteresting (that’s a verb, dontcha know?) banana bread recipes while enjoying my morning coffee.  I found several, and a couple I’d like to try, but most were too labour intensive for me right now, suffering from fairly severe tendonitis, with no ability to see my RMT.    I found a pretty easy one that only used a mixer and i knew my arm/hand could handle.

I had JUST added the flour, and was adding in the spices… when…. wait.  Let me back up a second.


Yesterday I made “Goody Two Chews” one of my most used Podleski Sister recipes for healthy homemade granola bites.  this recipe calls for Pumpkin Pie spice.. which I don’t have in the house,  so I put in all the regulars: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves.. One of my spice jars had this razor sharp barb sticking out that I didn’t see, and I sliced my finger right open.  Thankfully didn’t ruin that batch of yumminess, but it bled pretty good for a solid 5 minutes. Not deep or ghastly enough for stitches, but still a good cut.

I didn’t take care of that container afterwards, I just put it back in the cupboard.  I should have nipped it in the bud.. I should have dealt with that evil little container right away – as soon as it sliced me open and did it’s mortal damage.  But it went back in the cupboard.. waiting to do it’s evil again.  (are you catching a deeper meaning here??)

Fast forward to this morning… Here was my lovely cake dough.. with the last ingredients, the spices going in.. and i took that foul miserable evil spice container out.  THINKING I was being smart.. i looked it over intently trying to find where the nasty barb was.  AHA!!! there it is!  I found it!   I touched it.. and PLOOF! it fell off.  RIGHT into my dough.  it was less than a cm long (~1/4″ for you Americans)  and not much thicker than a course hair.  But it sunk right in the flour.  And i couldn’t find it.  i sifted what i could.. no luck.

Knowing what it did to my finger.. how could I bake that into the banana loaves?  And risk either Guillermo or I ingesting it? What damage it would do to our mouths, throat, oesophagus, intestines… oy vey!

So i did the only thing i could do.     sigh.


I’m going for a walk.   And ruminating about the sharp barbs in my life.. the one little tiny thing or many things that I may need to confess that are ruining my “batch”


I immediately thought of a recent conversation I had with someone, it was going so well, very lovely, and then this person said one very sharp nasty biting thing to me… and it ruined my whole day.   I have a tendency to have a sharp sarcastic (I like to think witty?) tongue.   I know i’ve hurt people.  I’ve said cutting things.  Especially to those closest to me.

As brother James said.. the tongue, like that tiny barb on that spice jar.. is desperately wicked.. who can know it?

 James 3:5-10

Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures are being tamed and have been tamed by mankind, but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. 

How often have I cursed fellow humans.. like those silly politicians I don’t agree with that say things in public that really don’t help their reputation, or those not taking Covid-19 seriously and still going to beaches & spring break to party, or those that are letting their dogs continually poop on my front lawn (current pet peeve… literally)


On my walk I saw one of these little cast iron lawn signs.. made me laugh, and immediately order one.

 Next on my list:  curbing my on line shopping habit…. but that’s for another day.  Today has enough lessons to chew on.   Lookit me, in my fifties now, and I’m home schooling  myself.